Jewellery Tutorial - how to make a simple loop

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Making simple loops is one of the keys to the art of jewellery making. They can be used in earrings, pendants and bracelets and are one of the basic building blocks of jewellery creation.

There are several different ways of making a simple loop, but the method detailed below is the one I find simplest and easiest.

diagram of how to hold a pair of pliers to make a simple loop.

Hold the round nose pliers in the palm of your hand with your palm facing towards you.

Place the top of the wire or head pin in the jaws of the pliers with the top of the wire flush with the top of the jaws.

The size of the loop depends on where about in the pliers you place the wire. For a small loop place the wire in the tip of the jaws, for a larger loop place it further up the jaws near the handle.

diagram of turning hand towards you to make the loop

Hold the wire or headpin in your other hand and turn your ‘plier’ hand towards you to make a small loop at the top of the wire.

If the wire doesn’t meet turn your hand back again, without gripping the wire, and then turn it towards to you again

diagram showing how to straighten the loop

If the loop isn’t straight, straighten it by placing the tip of your pliers in the loop, on the side of the wire away from the opening, grip the wire and bend the loop backwards to straighten it.