How to Make a Hanging Hook

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Making a hanging hook

It is very simple to make a hanging hook. All you need is a short piece of wire, at least 0.6mm thick, thick pens or bead tubes and a pair of round nose pliers.

I use 2 different sized pens to make the bottom loop slightly smaller than the top one, but this is optional, you can make both loops the same size.

The heavier the item you want to hang the thicker the wire you will need to use.


Making a hanging hook - Step1

Cut a piece of wire about 9cm long.

Turn a small loop at one end.

Making a hanging hook - Step2

Bend this end around a thick marker pen or bead tube.

Making a hanging hook - Step3

Bend the other end around a slightly thinner pen to make a top-heavy S-shape.

Making a hanging hook - Step4

Thread your creation onto the bottom loop and then turn another small loop to prevent it from falling off, and to neaten the end.